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Maulana Imtiyaz & Al-Imdaad Foundation Aid Relief Tour – May 2013

Al-Imdaad Foundation Aid Relief Tour – May 2013


- Indonesia
– Malaysia TBC
– India


InshaAllah this May I will be joining the Al-Imdaad Foundation UK team on a aid relief tour, Assisting thousands in need of food, shelter & clothing.Alhumdulillah a First hand opportunity to help the needy in whatever little way we can.At the same time we will hold a few programmes in each country to raise more funds for the most needy.


From the ground be prepared daily for LIVE UPDATES on the Al-Imdaad UK website


The work that Al-Imdaad Foundation are doing globally is amazing and Alhumdulillah Allah has granted me the opportunity to join them on this humanitarian aid relief journey Alhamdulillah.A humble request to all for your duas & that Allah make this a safe and successful trip Aameen.


Jazaakumullahu khayran

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