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Maulana Imtiyaz Sidat was born in the heart of Leicester. He has an astounding gift. . His amazing voice, which has given him the passion of reciting Nasheeds / Qiraats & Lectures from a very young age. He started off performing regularly at various events including performing in Jame’ah Masjid’s Annual Jalsa and Ramadhan / Hajj Radio in Leicester.


He completed full Hafiz-e-Quran between the age of 15 and went onto an Aalim course. He graduated in July 2010 at Jame’ah Uloomul Quran Leicester thus giving him the “Maulana” status. His main ustaad’s include the grand scholar; Shaykh al-Hadith Maulana Adam ibn Yusuf Hafizullah (Graduate of Darul Uloom Deoband in India) who is the head of Jam’eah Academy Leicester, Along with Sheikh Maulana Imran sahib.


His Lecture’s & Nasheed’s have aspirated people of all ages especially the youth who he can relate to. His popularity over the coming years has expanded to the Muslim communities of Great Britain especially in the North and South of England. Maulana has performed across Leicestershire and various other areas such as Birmingham, London, West Yorkshire, Blackburn and so forth.


Through his programmes, with the might of Allah,he has inspired and educated hundreds of muslims towards the love of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW and our Lord Allah SWT.


He has made 2 charity CD’s. One titled: Jameah (2008) to raise Lillah for Jame’ah Masjid in Leicester & another in collaboration with a charity who are based in leicester titled: Rahma Mercy (2011) for the orphans of Albania & Kosovo.


He is looking to take on the recitation of al Quran and also production of Naat’s & Nasheed’s as a mean’s of changing people’s lives for the better and to bring them closer towards Allah SWT and our Beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. We request all the Muslim brothers and sisters to make DUA for him and support him as he goes onto do the work of Deen. Inshaa allah. Ameen.